Bill to Provide $8M in Elections Funds for Cities and Counties Heard in House and 森ate

March 11, 2024

 The House and 森ate elections committees heard a bill that would increase the existing $1.25 million of VOTER funding for cities and counties to $8 million annually.

A bill that would appropriate more funds to cities and counties administering elections was advanced by the House Elections 金融 and Policy Committee森ate Elections Committee during the week of March 4.

HF 4411 (代表. 艾玛·格林曼, DFL-Minneapolis) and SF 4260 (森. 吉姆·卡尔森, DFL-Eagan) would increase the annual appropriation of the Voting Operations, 技术, and Equipment 稳定的十大彩票网站 (VOTER) Account from $1.25 million to $8 million annually.

This fund was created by the 2023 Legislature to provide funds to counties and cities administering elections. The VOTER Account allows cities to spend these funds for various elections needs including equipment, 编程, or other purposes directly related to election administration.

Read about the VOTER Account, fund formula, and eligible uses.

This bill adds to the existing $1.25 million annual base funding by moving the Voter Equipment Grant Account ($750,000 annually) 和 Local Government Dropbox Grants ($1 million annually) to the fund and appropriating an additional $5 million of new funding annually.

The League provided testimony in support of the bill alongside the Association of Minnesota Counties at the hearings.

Both bills were laid over for possible inclusion in an omnibus bill.

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